Silver Airways

  • Aircraft Livery Design
  • Aircraft Livery Implementation
  • Airport Environments
  • Brand Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Workshops
  • Cabin Interior Definition
  • Cabin Interior Design
  • Market Positioning
  • Uniform Design
  • Website Design

The Silver Airways brand was created to position the airline as a vibrant, dynamic and highly professional carrier in the marketplace - and to have the flying public fully embrace the Silver Airways Turboprop as a safe, economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly way to fly.

The primary brand design and colours are designed to achieve this visually – a careful combination of the core values of the company: its professionalism – represented by the dark charcoal grey and silver, together with the energy and drive represented by the vibrant Fuchsia.

The fuchsia color was applied to the aircraft nacelles to directly draw attention to the turboprop engines, and each nacelle carries a turboprop efficiency and benefit message that can be seen by the passengers from inside the cabin. We felt it was tremendously important to enlighten the customer on the values of turboprop flying so this area was the perfect location to begin this campaign.

The new Silver Airways logotype is derived from the spinning propeller blades of the Turboprop engine – with the lines at the tips of the propeller blade forming the three different "circles" – the logotype also has four "shadows" within the circles that denote the actual four blades in motion of the propeller. This logotype is designed to signify the passion within the organization for the Turboprop and can be seen in many ways throughout the entire Silver Airways brand.

Furthermore because of the diverse markets of the Airways route system it was crucial for the aircraft to stand out in all weather – from the extreme snow and fog of Montana to the bright sunshine of the South Florida and the Caribbean – and this brand design and palette allows this to happen.

This combination of professionalism and passion is carried out throughout the Silver Airways system in each brand initiative created – from airport signage and environments to uniforms and sales materials. Every element that the customer sees (as well as those created just for the airline staff) is designed to show the true personality of this dynamic airline.

Silver Airways was awarded the prestigious ATW Regional Airline of the Year award in 2013.